Saturday, November 20, 2010

To Cheat or not to cheat.....

There's a virus going around.  Apparently, it makes you cheat on your spouse.  It has attacked several Hollywood couples this year, and there is no end in sight.  People are advised to hide your kids, hide your wife, and avoid sexting at all costs.

Seriously though, I just don't get the whole cheating thing.  I can't understand how people just can't keep it in their pants.  Would it be that difficult, if you were thinking about cheating with someone else, that you would have enough respect for your spouse and possibly kids that you'd have, I don't know, a conversation?  Is that too much to ask that you tell your spouse that you're not happy and that you either want to work on it or skip town? I just don't get the total lack of personal responsibility and disrespect people have these days towards people they committed to and supposedly loved at some point.

Why would a woman even want a man who's willing to cheat on his family and disrespect someone to that degree?  And why would a man want a woman who have no boundaries and no respect for a relationship? It's selfishness at it's worse.

Cheating is such a cowardly, disrespectful act.  What started me off on this tirade?  It started with Leann and Eddie and ended with Eva and Tony.  Tony was sexting with a teammates wife.  There were hundreds of these texts and while he admitted it, he tried to say they were never physical (as if that made it ok).  Is that like a Bill Clinton defense?  Honey, I was totally lusting after and having text sex with another woman, but she meant nothing to me and I never touched her (well maybe in my mind but that doesn't count).  Eddie ditched his wife and kids like they were nothing.  And Leann wasn't happy so she could care less about Eddie's wife and kids, she wanted what she wanted.  But, I'm supposed to feel sorry for her because it's thrown in her face that she's a homewrecker.  If you can't take the heat, don't do the crime.  But, she's happy now y'all so she doesn't regret anything (cue crickets).   Infidelity is never okay.  And don't even get me started on Jesse & Sandra. 

It would seem that technology (internet, facebook, myspace etc) is really putting a damper on lots of relationships.  It makes it easier to reach out and touch someone.  And it makes it easier for people to lose their effin minds. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winner of Necklace Giveaway


The results are in:

Congrats to Some Lucky Dog!  I'm just sending an email. You have 48 hrs to answer or I'll pick someone else!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kiss & Tell

So, I'm sure by now most have heard about Taylor Swift's kiss and tell new album.  I'm the not the biggest fan of her music, but it really made me think about how I feel about people airing their personal business through song, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.  When does it go to far? 

Some of the best songs have been written based on real life drama. That is nothing new.  I guess it takes me aback that Taylor brags about it, uses cryptic liner notes, then puts on an innocent act by not totally confirming it.  She paints herself as the eternal victim and it's getting old.  Use the brain that God gave you.  Maybe you should figure out why you are attracting these men and why it never works out. It takes two.

We have become a society of celebrity voyeurs where we can not get enough of what and who they are doing.  I am as guilty as the next person. Heck, part of my blog is chatting about them. It's much easier to look at someone else screwing up their lives then pay attention to what is wrong with our own.  Everything that goes on has an effect on us, our kids, and future generations.  Think of how much our lives have changed since the Internet was created.  Now kids are sexting, putting up drunk pictures on facebook, cyberbulling, and sharing everything they do for their "friends" to see. Once you put those words and pictures out there, they can't be taken back.   I'm just not seeing a good end to this complete self absorption. But, since it seems like this is the way it's gonna be, parents really need to take some time to have a more serious talk with their kids about what they are putting out there and possible consequences. 

I'm just curious how other people feel about this. I put a poll on the sidebar.  Do you feel that people are sharing too much, not enough, or just the right amount on all these social networks?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Necklace Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

I'm giving away a sterling necklace/earring set that I personally made.  It's mainly made out of fresh water pearls and is 17 1/4 in.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Paris, Acid, Lindsay Lohan, and other ramblings....

Oh to be the lip gloss in Paris Hilton's purse.  The things that lip gloss could tell us.  There is seriously a party going on in her purse daily.  What I love the most, is that it's never her fault.  I mean what, does she think it will ruin her pristine reputation? Maybe she thinks we can handle firecrotch shots and her line of boyfriends, but drugs would just be taking it a bit too far. I'll have to ask her the next time I run into her in lockup. You have to admit, it's kind of funny that due to her vanity, coke fell out of her bag and she got herself busted. You can't make this stuff up.  I wonder if the deputy said....that's hot?!

Did any of you catch acid girl up in Washington State?  I am fascinated that someone would deface themselves with acid for attention.  I really can't even wrap my mind around it. I hope she gets some help cause it's obvious she really needs it.

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay....  I don't even know what to say. I hope it's not true and she didn't fail the drug test.  She is clearly an addict; an attention addict and a drug addict (don't even get me started on alcohol).  At some point in time, you have to grow up and stop blaming your parents for your antics. No one forced her to put drugs or alcohol into her mouth. That was a choice she alone made.  I really hope she gets help before she injures someone else in the madness that is her life. There is really not a conspiracy against you Lindsay. We, the public, are scared that we will be next on your hit and run list.  You're nothing without your big bad car.

Is it wrong that I could totally see Britney Spears parading around naked in front of her body guard?  I kind of miss crazy Britney.  I know mental illness isn't funny, but as soon as she cut her hair off and went into conservatorship, the economy tanked.  I'm just sayin....

Don't you wish you could pull an Adam Lambert or Russell Brand at family gatherings. I mean really, those pictures are always unflattering. The lighting sucks and they never catch your good side. Don't you wish you could just deck Aunt Tracy for following you around with a camera?  Here, this works for my nephew, USE YOUR WORDS.  You are celebrities and don't get to have a life so get over it.  You can't just go around punching people whether they deserve it or not. This is not even in the fine print of your contract you signed with the devil.  It's in the first paragraph.  It says clearly, "In exchange for giving you fame and fortune, yada mumbo jumbo, you must give up all your privacy, do at least one stint in rehab,  get arrested at least twice, and then burn in hell for all eternity". 

On a more serious note. I sometimes wonder why a lot of these younger celebs can't seem to make it through the day without pills or alcohol.  It makes you wonder how empty their lives are that they need to fill themselves up with illegal substances in order to make it through.  It's sad really.

Well, I have to go now.  I have to go pour acid on myself and blame a white person.  I'll try to get back to you after my interview on Today.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fresh Facial Products

So, I was in Vegas a year ago.  We had a wonderful dinner and too much wine.  One of the few things open was a Fresh retail store.  By the time we picked a few things out and went to the register, my eyes were popping out and I was completely sober.  Seriously, nothing sobers you quicker than sticker shock.  The look on my husband's face; priceless.  But, since I am his Princess, he saved face and bought them anyway.  Unlike Paris Hilton, I left Vegas with a smile on my face, no mugshot, and a beautiful complexion. What?  You don't think she broke out after that?

While the products were pricier than I was used to, I liked every single one of them but one and my face has thanked me.  Fresh uses natural ingredients like sugar, milk, soy, and rice.

First the Sugar Lip Treatment.

It is yummy and feels so silky on my lips.  It has SPF 15. Since I just started weight watchers, and it contains sugar, I'm really not sure if licking it costs me points.  How about we keep this between you and me. The price on this one is a bit harsh but nothing I have ever used has felt so good on my lips.  The texture and taste win hands down.


Soy Face Cleanser

My skin is really sensitive. I had a bad glycolic facial treatment and it burned my skin.  I had such a perfect complexion before that. People would stop me on the street and ask me what I used.  Since then, I have to be really carefully to use natural ingredients or my skin burns.   Isn't it amazing how much memory our skin has to traumatic events?

I love this cleanser. It smells like cucumber and it gets my face really clean with minimal effort. I can't say enough about this product.  If you're going to try anything, try this one.  It is definitely part of my daily cleansing ritual.

Sugar Face Polish

This is kind of an odd product. It smells awesome. It does have sugary texture.You don't need much of it. I dampen my face a little bit and then smooth it on. You don't play with the application.  Let it sit for 5 minutes or so and wash it off. It almost feel like a layer of wax protectant is left on my skin.  It feels and looks wonderful.  All dead skin is removed and you feel refreshed.

Soy Face Cream

This was the only one I didn't like and it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the product. My nose is sensitive too, and I just don't like how it smells.  It's a moisturizing cream. I did notice that my bottle looks different from the one they have on their site now. So, maybe they changed the formula a bit.  I'm definitely willing to try the product again since I love all the other ones I have tried.

If you're willing to splurge a little to have beautiful skin, these are great products. Considering how long they have lasted me, I would say that it was worth the price.  Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you think.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome to my site!

Pretty much anything goes. There will be gossip, commentary, product reviews, music reviews, opinions, giveaways, and lots of humor. 

I hope there is something for everyone!

My goal is to mix current events with informative reviews.  Stay tuned! I will have some exciting product reviews coming up!