Saturday, November 20, 2010

To Cheat or not to cheat.....

There's a virus going around.  Apparently, it makes you cheat on your spouse.  It has attacked several Hollywood couples this year, and there is no end in sight.  People are advised to hide your kids, hide your wife, and avoid sexting at all costs.

Seriously though, I just don't get the whole cheating thing.  I can't understand how people just can't keep it in their pants.  Would it be that difficult, if you were thinking about cheating with someone else, that you would have enough respect for your spouse and possibly kids that you'd have, I don't know, a conversation?  Is that too much to ask that you tell your spouse that you're not happy and that you either want to work on it or skip town? I just don't get the total lack of personal responsibility and disrespect people have these days towards people they committed to and supposedly loved at some point.

Why would a woman even want a man who's willing to cheat on his family and disrespect someone to that degree?  And why would a man want a woman who have no boundaries and no respect for a relationship? It's selfishness at it's worse.

Cheating is such a cowardly, disrespectful act.  What started me off on this tirade?  It started with Leann and Eddie and ended with Eva and Tony.  Tony was sexting with a teammates wife.  There were hundreds of these texts and while he admitted it, he tried to say they were never physical (as if that made it ok).  Is that like a Bill Clinton defense?  Honey, I was totally lusting after and having text sex with another woman, but she meant nothing to me and I never touched her (well maybe in my mind but that doesn't count).  Eddie ditched his wife and kids like they were nothing.  And Leann wasn't happy so she could care less about Eddie's wife and kids, she wanted what she wanted.  But, I'm supposed to feel sorry for her because it's thrown in her face that she's a homewrecker.  If you can't take the heat, don't do the crime.  But, she's happy now y'all so she doesn't regret anything (cue crickets).   Infidelity is never okay.  And don't even get me started on Jesse & Sandra. 

It would seem that technology (internet, facebook, myspace etc) is really putting a damper on lots of relationships.  It makes it easier to reach out and touch someone.  And it makes it easier for people to lose their effin minds. 


  1. I totally agree with you!!!
    We see it everywhere as if it was normal..
    That's terrible, I would never forgive it personaly.

  2. I Also totally agree with you! I hate cheaters, and feel that they are all scum, males and females alike! I even wrote an article about this a while back on my blog! You should check it out! :D


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